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Passageways through the Metaverse #8


Passageways through the Metaverse is a comic about Aliza and her father’s crazy, cynical friend, Barney, and their adventures in different metaverses using a golden book that has a troublesome sense of humor. Sometimes the metaverse they visit is an alternate universe, and sometimes it’s just a strange place in the universe altogether.

Throughout their adventures, Barney wants to get out of the adventure as soon as possible because he’s been there and done that for over 8000 years, but Aliza wants to connect with the people. Sometimes there’s a lesson to be learned, but not if Barney can help it.

-This Issue-

Let’s Go In

In this eighth issue, Barney takes Aliza out of school during her 18th birthday to get to the bottom of a mystery. This double-sized issue is the end of the first season of Passageways through the Metaverse, and unlike previous episodes that were self-contained, this issue combines story lines from previous issues and ties them together.