Pete Nguyen
Paul Nguyen

PPN Creations is a comic book company that started making comics in 2019, but was really started around 1986 by a 10 year old who liked to make comics with folded computer paper. PPN Creations mainly creates ideas and stories and hires artists to illustrate the comics.

PPN Creations Staff:

Pete Nguyen – Writer, Letterer, Website
Paul Nguyen – Writer, Editor
Kevin Nguyen – Research, Website
Jason Schulte – PPN Creations Logo

Groundbreaking Pop Up
Influence Artists
LA Comic Con
Long Beach Comic Con
Horizon Comics Pop Up
Otaku Market Gathering
San Diego Zinefest
San Diego Comic Fest
OC Zinefest
Pasadena Comic Con

If you are an artist and want to work with us, please contact Pete Nguyen through Facebook or Instagram @PPNCreations, or email at PPNCreations@gmail.com