Pete Nguyen
Paul Nguyen

PPN Creations is a comic book company that started making comics in 2019, but was really started around 1986 by a 10 year old who liked to make comics with folded computer paper. PPN Creations mainly creates ideas and stories and hires artists to illustrate the comics.

PPN Creations Staff:

Pete Nguyen – President, Writer, Letterer
Paul Nguyen – Chief Operating Officer, Writer, Editor
Charles Simon – Business Advisor
Rem S – Business Consultant
Kevin Nguyen – Research, Website
Jason Schulte – PPN Creations Logo
Judy Nguyen – Marketing
Van Vo – Promotion Coordinator

Groundbreaking Pop Up
Influence Artists
Otaku Market Gathering

If you are an artist and want to work with us, please contact Pete Nguyen through Facebook or Instagram @PPNCreations, or email at PPNCreations@gmail.com