Specter Outlaw

Orin is a specter. His battle mode is a teddy bear. Specters are forbidden to help those from the living realms, but Orin just had to help.

Orin begins his quest to retrieve his items. (“Resurgence” 1 of 4)

Orin tries to retrieve his wooden sword and meets Chara, a robot hater and sister of Aliza from Passageways through the Metaverse. (“Resurgence” 2 of 4)

With sword in hand, Orin attempts to get his crown back against Victor Languish and the Great Horror. (“Resurgence” 3 of 4)

Imprisoned by the Authorities, they ask Orin to save the Specter Realm one more time. (“Resurgence” 4 of 4)

Orin is now the Oneironautic King. As king, he and Madeline are tasked to protect the Ghost Cat. (“Ghost Cat Adventures” 1 of 4)

Orin and Madeline need the Specter Exile’s help finding the Lucid, but she will only help if they help the Specter Exile with her Scribble Whale problem. (“Ghost Cat Adventures 2 of 4)

Orin and Madeline meet the last Lucid, Alana Zato, hoping she can protect the Ghost Cat from the Lucid’s sworn enemy, the Obscurio’s Mare Turmoil. (“Ghost Cat Adventures 3 of 4)

Specter Outlaw 8 (only available in print)

Specter Outlaw and the Specter Exile join forces to track down Xochitl and the Ghost Cat with help from an unexpected visitor from the pages of Passageways through the Metaverse! (“Ghost Cat Adventures” 4 of 4)

Specter Outlaw 9 (only available in print)

Orin tracks down the ghosts that haunt his sister’s mind. (“Seven Monsters from Now” 1 of 4)

Specter Outlaw 10 (only available in print)

Nightmare creatures have come from the Dream Realm into the real world. Law enforcement asks for the help of Specter Outlaw, but will he help adults as he does children? (“Seven Monsters from Now” 2 of 4)

Specter Outlaw 11 (only available in print)

Orin must face Khali Mahn, one of the seven Outsiders that created the ghosts that haunted his sister’s mind. (“Seven Monsters from Now” 3 of 4)